Basis lighting with HEP driver - Fitting: "Citizen" Driver: LMTC10W250-Z

Downlight with external driver


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Test Date: 22/09/2017

Dimming Performance

Minimum brightness from off: 1% Minimum brightness from max: 1%

Smoothness of Dimming

In general, this lamp and ballast combination performed very well. With trailing edge dimmers the lamp flickers at the very minimum output but this is not visible when scenes are set above 4%. The RML500 flashes when dimmed below 2% of maximum output. With all dimmers the lamp shimmers slightly while fading, this problem is considerably more noticeable with leading edge as opposed to trailing edge dimmers. The profile was continuous and had no big steps or jumps while dimming.

Audible Noise

No audible noise when tested with trailing edge dimmers. Slight buzz from driver when used with leading edge dimmers.

Rating for module compatibility

Dimmer Ratings
Dimmer Rating Tested Units Probable Max Units
RMT-500 Very Good 2 12
RML-500 Good 2 8
RAK4-T Very Good 2 20
WMT-400 Not Tested - -


Scope #1


Scope #2


Scope #3