Crompton - 4405



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Test Date: 11/04/2016

Dimming Performance

RMT/RAK4-T: Minimum brightness from off: 10% (approx) Minimum brightness from max: 10% (approx) RML: Minimum brightness from off: 5% Minimum brightness from max: 1%

Smoothness of Dimming

When tested with trailing edge dimmers the visual performance of this lamp was poor. In the output range 0%-20% the lamp flickered and when dimming down to off flashes very noticeable. The turn on was inconsistent and the profile heavily grouped towards the bottom end of the dimmer output. The stated minimum brightness of 10% is the point at which the lamp becomes usable although still flickery. The performance with leading edge dimmers was considerably better with no flicker or shimmer observ

Audible Noise

No audible noise when tested with any dimmer


Not suitable for use with trailing edge dimmers, due to flash when dimming down to off.

Rating for module compatibility

Dimmer Ratings
Dimmer Rating Tested Units Probable Max Units
RMT-500 Not Recommended 3 10
RML-500 Good 3 10
RAK4-T Not Recommended 3 10
WMT-400 Not Tested - -


Scope #1


Scope #2


Scope #3