Akwil - Akwil-T05EWMPF


B15 5W frosted LED candle bulb

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Test Date: 20/02/2015

Dimming Performance

Minimum brightness from off: Minimum brightness from max:

Smoothness of Dimming

While dimming performance with all dimmers is good overall at the very bottom of the output range the lamp flickers. When tested with the RML500 the lamp flickers while dimming but stabilises when the lamp reachs the required level. While neither dimmer has significant steps in the dimming profile some small steps are visible with leading edge dimmers. Like most of the bulb style Akwil LEDs this lamp only turns on at around 30% of the dimmers ouput.

Audible Noise

No audible noise with either dimmer


Conservative estimate of max number as only one tested

Rating for module compatibility

Dimmer Ratings
Dimmer Rating Tested Units Probable Max Units
RMT-500 Good 1 15
RML-500 Good 1 10
RAK4-T Good 1 20
WMT-400 Not Tested - -


Scope #1


Scope #2